Tango in the Dark -Reviews

PointeTango is a unique, “one-of-a-kind” dance company directed by choreographer, Alexander Richardson and created with lead dancer Erin Scott-Kafadar. By combining the intimacy of Argentine Tango with the precision of Classical Ballet, a new dance vocabulary has been created—one that respects the tradition of Argentine Tango and pushes its boundaries with new possibilities.

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Roots Music Canada Review

”The result is simply breathtaking. Tango in the Dark, a series of stunning music videos, redefines what is artistically possible for artists working at home during the pandemic.  It’s moving, dramatic, acrobatic, sensual and haunting.” -For full article click HERE

The Young-Howze Theatre JournalPittsburgh Fringe Review

“Pointe Tango Took Us To A Visually Stunning Dance World” -Read the full review HERE

It was fantastic. Excellent production, highly creative and with world-class performers. We were enthralled.


GRAN TRABAJO!!! Una punta, un taco. El ballet y tango dialogan en un “Bajo Fondo” entre Borges y Paraguay, entre Canadá y Argentina. Todos invitados a ver este gran trabajo!! Siempre un dialogo entre dos mundos es enriquecedor. La pandemia te bloquea o te inspira, aquí una gran inspiracíon: “Tango in the Dark”. FELICITACIONES!

-Hugo Mastrolorenzo, Campeón mundial de tango

I highly recommend buying a ticket to see this amazing piece. Dance, music, film – so creative. Congrats Alex and Erin. A work of art.

-Margaret Buist

That tango film is absolutely brilliant, so much talent. The tango couple are a perfect match and dance amazingly well, and the musical group astonishes! Rebekah’s original compositions are brilliant. Fantastic choreography, brilliantly shot in stunning locations and coloured perfectly to set the moods. What  an imaginative production – couldn’t be better!!”

-John M. and  S. B.

This film, TANGO IN THE DARK, is a gem.  To be enjoyed again and again.  Filmed during a pandemic, every artist involved had to be creative and innovative.  The venues chosen are both visually inspiring and a perfect background for the choreography of Alexander Richardson.  His choreography is dramatic, sensual, at times playful and always musical.  Each one of the musicians of the quartet ‘PAYADORA TANGO’ is at the top of their art, but together their original music sets the scene for these amazing dancers.  The technique and musicality of Alexander Richardson is unbeatable.  The pointe work of Erin Scott-Kafadar is incredible.  She makes dancing tango on pointe look easy, natural and sometimes other-worldly.  She transcends the accustomed 1930’s-flavoured roots of the tango.  The dancers’ relationship in interpreting the music and dance is dramatic, sensual, even playful.  The best piece comes last and features all the musicians plus dancers together in a field – and some truly amazing lifts.  A must-see film – over and over.”

-Carol Lanctôt, Associate Diploma, Cecchetti Canada

« Je viens de finir  de regarder votre  film, quels merveilleux danseurs vous êtes! Ça fait  rêver. Continuez votre travail remarquable. »

-Martine Pelletier

“Oh, what can I say.  I was spellbound from that first dark dark masked dance…through the whole hour I was captivated by the dancing, the music, the interesting backgrounds.

Ah yes, it was so lovely…and the fun dance at the end…I didn’t want it to end!.

-Shirley McCreery

“Tango in the Dark was exceptionally entertaining.  We’ve been waiting to see you two perform, and although it wasn’t live, it was the next best thing. The picture and sound was outstanding on our TV.

So many fabulous things….. your dancing, your strength, gorgeous outfits, the musicians…. and they all had their time the shine, the locations you used in St Thomas. I was fortunate hear Payadora Tango Ensemble in London in April of 2017….. so memorable of an evening…. they played along with musicians of London Symphonia.  I wished it had gone on for hours.  The Best live tango music…. and we were in the front row.

-Lily McVety

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