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PointeTango dance company and Payadora Tango Ensemble come together to bring the magic of tango to a screen near you! 

Tango in the Dark is an award-winning hour-long film featuring the dancing of Erin Scott-Kafadar and Alexander Richardson. Using original music composed by Payadora Tango Ensemble, as well as contemporary and traditional themes, director Alexander Richardson has choreographed a show that lights the way through the shadows and mysteries of Buenos Aires and tells a story of two dancers moving to the rhythms of the city night.

“Best On-Demand Show” – Pittsburgh Fringe Festival (2021)

Release Date:
February 14, 2021

67 Minutes

Tango in the DARK

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Directed by: Alexander Richardson

Choreography and video editing: Alexander Richardson

Cinematography: Jacob Marsh

Featuring dancers Erin Scott-Kafadar and Alexander Richardson

Music by Payadora Tango Ensemble

(Music produced, engineered and mixed by Drew Jurecka)

Rebekah Wolkstein  VIOLIN / VOICE

Drew Jurecka  BANDONEÓN / VOICE 

Robert Horvath  PIANO

Joseph Phillips  BASS / GUITAR

Tango in the Dark was created in Buenos Aires during the autumn of 2019 and the winter and spring of 2020. When Covid-19 forced the city of Buenos Aires into lockdown, dancers Erin and Alexander continued creating while confined to their apartment.  After three months in isolation, PointeTango decided to return to Canada so that they could begin filming and continue making art. They reached out to Payadora Tango Orchestra who began recording and filming the music in the safety of their individual homes. The creation of this film would not have been possible without the generosity of our donors. Thank you and enjoy the show!

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