The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires

“The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires”

Choreographed by Alexander Richardson

“The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires” is an explosive forty-five minute stage show combining the elegance of Classical Ballet and the raw emotion of Argentine Tango.  The streets of Buenos Aires are evoked as the show starts to the music of Astor Piazzolla’s “Las Cuatro Estaciónes Porteñas.”  This musical suite of four movements stretches time between moody quietude and furious rhythm.  Inspired by Piazzolla, and the themes of the city, desire and connection, dancers in heels and pointe shoes come together in duets, trios, and solos, revealing their intricate footwork, dazzling lifts and soft lyricism.

The second half of the show is dedicated to duets.  Here audiences experience the complexity and beauty of two people moving together as one.  Highlights include:  a traditional Argentine Tango, “Mi Dolor;” a playful Milonga, “El Lloron;” and a showstopper Stage Tango, “Tanguera.”  In between, audiences get to know the dancers with a video interview and see the unique artistry of PointeTango’s creation.  In “Canaro En Paris,” the women take the stage and show off their virtuosity with rapid-fire, mesmeerizing technique.  In “Borges y Paraguay,” audiences will get to hear and see the evolution of tango with a groovy, hypnotic Electronic Tango danced on pointe.  The show closes with a crowd-pleasing group number, “La Cumparcita.”

“The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires,” is a show like no other, a must-see experience that brings audiences young and old together to witness the humanity of dance and to enjoy the depth of Argentine music.

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