About A&E

Having lived in Buenos Aires,  Alexander and Erin thrive on sharing their love of Argentine culture with tango group classes and performances.  As established artists they have been invited performers in Milongas, tango festivals, cruise ships, television, film and theaters all over the world.

We are currently offering several disctint styles of dance shows:

*   Authentic Argentine Tango, Milonga and Vals, improvised on tradition music.

* A contemporary tango show danced on classical pointe shoes showcasing exciting lifts, expressive dancing and electrifying turns. This new and innovative style of dance utilizes the athleticism of classical ballet while staying true to the tradition of Argentine Tango.

* An Argentine Tango stage show danced in tango heels and showcases all the drama, passion and intrigue of Argentine tango.  The combination of improvisation and choreography creates an authentic Argentine Tango show interpreted with elegance and virtuosity by skilled and engaging dancers.

Alexander and Erin also offer group and private tango lessons for all levels of dancers. They have taught internationally, in festivals, aboard cruise ships and have been invited guest performers in Milongas, shows and have toured internationally.

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