Alexander Richardson

Director, choreographer and dancer of PointeTango Dance Company

Originally from London, Ontario, Alexander discovered a passion for music and dance with his involvement with the London Youth Symphony, high school theatre and musical productions and dance classes in ballet and modern dance at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. The drive to create led him to Montreal where he completed a three-year degree in classical ballet at Ballet Divertimento and a separate three year Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, music composition and contemporary dance at Concordia University.

PointeTango, emerged from the question: What happens when classical ballet meets Argentine Tango? To answer this, Alexander left Montreal in 2010 for Buenos Aires and began researching and living the life of tango. Alexander is also the author of the online multimedia book; ‘Tango Scales: How to practice and learn Argentine tango’.

After teaching and performing in Buenos Aires, at international tango festivals, on cruise ships in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Pacific, and in television and film, Alexander created a new dance company with his partner Erin Scott-Kafadar. Their goal: to highlight the richness of Argentine tango along with a new dance vocabulary inspired by dancing tango on pointe.  He is currently the principal dancer and director of PointeTango Dance Company for which he has choreographed and starred in award-winning shows ‘Para Dos’ (2018) and ‘Into the Tango’ (2019) and he had scheduled an international tour for PointeTango’s newest show ‘Tango in the Dark’ (spring/summer 2020) before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. Alexander continues to develop his skills as a choreographer and dancer as he learns to adapt his craft to the challenges of creating, editing and directing for film. He has recently directed, starred in and edited the feature film ‘Tango in the Dark’ made in collaboration with Payadora Tango Ensemble.

This spring/summer of 2022, PointeTango was finally able to return to the stage with their new show ‘Tango, to the Pointe’ which they toured across Canada to theatres in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Halifax, Vancouver, London and Victoria, BC as part of the World Accordion and Tango Festival. PointeTango was awarded a residency at the National Ballet of Canada to work on the creation of ‘Tango, to the Pointe’ through the support of their Open Space Programme.

Alexander will continue to perfect his passion for directing and producing dance for video for PointeTango’s new upcoming film ‘In Search of the Abrazo'(In Search of the Embrace) funded by a grant from the Canada Council for the arts. Alexander is also the lighting, sound and video technical designer for all of PointeTango shows and is excited to create new and unique themes for their upcoming live shows with the Payadora Tango Ensemble in the fall of 2023.

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Alexander Richardson