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For IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 6th, 2018

PointeTango presents

Para Dos

at the 2018 Regina International Fringe Theatre Festival

July 6th, 2018, Regina, SK: Direct from Argentina, PointeTango dance company brings its latest show Para Dos- For Two! to Hamilton. Immerse yourself in the music of Buenos Aires and be swept away by spectacular lifts, graceful ballet, and the passion of Argentine tango. Para Dos is playing at the SaskExpress as part of the 2018 Regina Fringe Festival from July 11th to 15th. Tickets are $12 and available online at

In this original show, Erin and Alexander illustrate their unique dance vocabulary of PointeTango which combines the intensity of Argentine tango with the precision of classical ballet.

Created in the heart of Buenos Aires, Para Dos is the story of two dancers, lovers, and explorers who interpret the culture and drama of this iconic city. Don’t miss this one of a kind dance show!

                “A clear audience favourite”                        ~TiLee award winner!~

                     The Western Gazette                                  -London Fringe Festival

PointeTango is a unique dance company directed by choreographer, Alexander Richardson and created with lead dancer, Erin Scott-Kafadar. Pushing new boundaries of dance, PointeTango combines the intimacy of Argentine tango with the precision of classical ballet to create a new dance vocabulary. 

Saskatchewan Express Musical Theatre Studio (2272 Pasqua Street, Regina, SK)

July 11: 6pm,  July 12: 3:00pm, July 13: 7:45pm,  July 14: 4:30pm, 

July 15: 8:15pm

$12.00, available in person or online at

Contact Information

Media Contact: Alexander Richardson

                 Cell Phone: 1-514-999-7542                Email:

                 Website:    Facebook: @PointeTangoProductions 

                 YouTube: PointeTango Dance         Promo Video:



Direct from Buenos Aires, Argentina, PointeTango presents its latest show, Para Dos– For Two! At the Saskatchewan Express Musical Theatre Studio. Immerse yourself in the music of Buenos Aires and be swept away by spectacular lifts, graceful ballet, and the passion of Argentine tango.

Para Dos is a spectacular forty-five minute dance show that combines the raw emotion and connection of Argentine tango with the elegance and precision of classical ballet. This new dance language blends tradition and innovation with authentic Argentine tango danced in heels and, in a unique twist, tango danced on pointe shoes! 

The soundtrack of Para Dos introduces audiences to the legendary tango orchestras of Anibal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese, and Astor Piazzolla. Erin and Alexander pay tribute to Piazzolla by dancing a duet to Horacio Ferrer’s poem, “Mi Viejo Piazzolla”. This poem of admiration, nostalgia, and love sets the tone for the show. Audiences are transported to the bustling streets of Buenos Aires where Erin and Alexander dance through the ecstasy, the hardship, and the love that brought them together.

Who we are

Alexander Richardson, Director of PointeTango

Originally from London, Ontario, Alexander Richardson is the lead dancer and choreographer of PointeTango. Growing up in London, he discovered a passion for music and dance with his active involvement in the London Youth Symphony, high school theatre, and musical productions and dance classes in ballet and modern dance at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. The drive to create lead him to Montreal, where he completed a three-year degree in classical ballet (Ballet Divertimento) and a Bachelors Degree in Fine arts while studying music composition and contemporary dance at Concordia and McGill Universities.

PointeTango, emerged from the question: What happens when classical ballet meets Argentine Tango? To answer this, in 2010, Alexander left Montreal for Buenos Aires and began researching and living the life of tango. Success in Buenos Aires led him to teaching and performing all over the world in tango festivals, on cruise ships, and in television and film productions. In 2016, Alexander created his new dance company, PointeTango, with his partner and professional ballerina, Erin Scott-Kafadar.

Erin Scott-Kafadar, Principal dancer, PointeTango

Erin Scott-Kafadar started dancing before she could even walk, thanks to her mother, a ballet teacher. Born in Montreal, Canada,  Erin completed a 10-year professional degree in Classical Ballet at L’École supérieure de ballet du Québec. She also polished her technique in William Forsyth’s ART of intensive in Berlin and at TransFormation Danse in Montreal. She started her professional career in 2010 touring with Le Jeune Ballet du Québec and with  Ballet Ouest de Montréal’s production of “The Nutcracker”Erin toured internationally with the Ballet Eddy Toussaint as Principal Dancer for four years. Erin began her Argentine Tango training in Buenos Aires, where she studied with the most prestigious teachers and dancers of this unique genre and now teaches and performs on the stages in Argentina and cruise ships with her partner Alexander.

Para Dos- Program notes

Here is a listing of the music and scenes from our show Para Dos

1. Tanguera,  recorded by Sexeto Mayór

Unique to PointeTango dance company,  Tanguera is a magical fusion of Tango Scenario (stage tango) and classical ballet.

2. Johann Sebastian Bach, Aria from the Goldberg Variations,  piano performed live by Alexander Richardson

This piece was created as a dedication to Glenn Gould and Richardson’s classical piano and Ontario roots.

3. Mi Viejo Piazzolla,  poem written and recorded by Horacio Ferrer.

In this piece PointeTango pays homage to the great composer Astor Piazzolla. In this unique choreography, dancers Erin Scott-Kafadar and Alexander Richardson dance to the rhythm, voice and breath of Argentine poet and friend of Astor Piazzolla,  Horacio Ferrer. 

4.  Zum,  composed and recorded by Astor Piazzolla

Another classic Tango Scenario choreography by Alexander Richardson, and unique to PointeTango, lead dancer Erin Scott-Kafadar dances the whole routine on pointe shoes.

5. Tick Tock,  composed and produced by Alexander Richardson, using excerpts from Anibal Troilo

As life pulses by, time stands still and we remember our roots and the memories of where we grew up.  In this piece composed by Alexander Richardson, we hear excerpts from the bandoneon and voice of famous Argentine musician, Anibal Troilo. As the dancers move emotionally to the ticking of time, we hear Troilo talking about his memories of the Barrio (neighbourhood) he grew up in.

6. Felicia,  recorded in 1939 by Juan D’arienzo

In this playful number, Erin Scott-Kafadar returns to her ballet roots with a fun number exploring Argentine tango danced at a ballet barre.

7. El Motivo,  recorded by Anibal Troilo

In this emotional solo by Alexander Richardson, we return to the heartfelt music of the solo bandoneon, played by one of the best performers of all time.

8.  Escualo,  recorded and composed by Astor Piazzolla

In this flirtatious choreography by Alexander Richardson,  two dancers meet and encounter each other on a park bench in Buenos Aires.

9. Para Dos,  recorded and composed by Osváldo Pugliese

In this classic Tango Scenario number danced to one of tango’s great composers, Osváldo Pugliese, Erin and Alexander show off their Argentine training and demonstrate what stage tango looks like in Argentina. (Tango danced wearing tango heels and shoes)

10. Wicked Game,  cover performed by James Vincent McMorrow

Off come the shoes as the dancers finish the show with mesmerizing lifts,  circus acrobatics and a love story that brought them together in this passionate show made Para Dos, For two!

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