Milonga Scales and Basico Scales

Argentine tango group lessons in London, Ontario:

Basico Scales and Milonga Scales

Milonga Scales:

Milonga should be the base for all tango dancers. In this dance, which preceded the development of the tango, dancers learn to move quickly with their partner and feel the pulse that underlines all tangos. In the Milonga scales, students learn the foundation of Milonga Lisa and Milonga con Traspie. Students will dance and develop the ability to take this complex rhythmic dance, and add a simple structure to inspire improvisation in a fun, easy manner.

Básico Scales:

In the básico scales, dancers will learn to deconstruct this pattern so that they can fine-tune their technique, rhythm, and vocabulary.  Not only do these scales cover the parallel pattern of the básico but nine other variations on this theme.  We will look at the evolution of this pattern and study how the cross-system was introduced in the 1940’s and explore many variations created by the old milongueros and explore how we can use them in our own dancing to find our own voice based on history and experience.

Class Location: Passion For Dance, 555 York St. Suite 202 upstairs, London, Ontario


Professional Argentine tango dancers, Erin and Alexander believe that dance is a universal language. As experienced teachers with over fifteen years teaching experience, they believe that anyone can dance if they are given individual attention and taught with clarity in a fun dynamic way.

As part of their organized lessons plans, Erin and Alexander prepare a detailed analysis of each movement and then break down each pattern into a simple element that everyone can understand. With technique comes artistry and from a comprehensive understanding of movement, students can create.

Our classes include thematic courses focusing on music vocabulary and rhythmical patterns. We believe that a complete dancer must develop a strong body awareness and core strength in order to be free to move.  To keep classes fun and exciting we use practical games and exercises to achieve instant results for everyone in class. In addition to group classes, we teach private lessons and work on a regular basis as choreographers for dance ensembles and couples planning their first wedding dance.

Erin and Alexander feel honoured to share their love of dance and music and invite you to embark on the never-ending journey of dance.

Having lived in Buenos Aires,  Alexander and Erin thrive on sharing their love of Argentine culture with tango group classes and performances.  As established artists, they have been invited performers in Milongas, tango festivals, cruise ships, television, film, and theaters all over the world.

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