Para Dos- Program notes

Here is a listing of the music and scenes from our show Para Dos

1. Tanguera,  recorded by Sexeto Mayór

Unique to PointeTango dance company,  Tanguera is a magical fusion of Tango Scenario (stage tango) and classical ballet.

2. Johann Sebastian Bach, Aria from the Goldberg Variations,  performed live by Alexander Richardson

This piece was created as a dedication to Glenn Gould and Richardson’s classical piano and Ontario roots.

3. Mi Viejo Piazzolla,  poem written and recorded by  Horacio Ferrer.

In this piece, PointeTango pays homage to the great composer Astor Piazzolla. In this  unique choreography dancers Erin Scott-Kafadar and Alexander Richardson dance to the rhythm, voice and breath of Argentine poet and friend of Astor Piazzolla,  Horacio Ferrer.  (Go to the end of this page to read the Spanish Letras and English translation)

4.  Zum,  composed and recorded by Astor Piazzolla

Another classic Tango Scenario choreography by Alexander Richardson, and unique to PointeTango, lead dancer Erin Scott-Kafadar dances the whole routine on pointe shoes.

5. Tick Tock,  composed and produced by Alexander Richardson, using excerpts from Anibal Troilo

As life pulses by, time stands still and we remember our roots and the memories of where we grew up.  In this piece composed by Alexander Richardson, we hear excerpts from the bandoneon and voice of famous Argentine musician, Anibal Troilo. As the dancers move emotionally to the ticking of time, we hear Troilo talking about his memories of the Barrio (neighbourhood) he grew up in.

6. Felicia,  recorded in 1939 by Juan D’arienzo

In this playful number, Erin Scott-Kafadar returns to her ballet roots with a fun number exploring Argentine tango danced at a ballet barre

7. El Motivo,  recorded by Anibal Troilo

In this emotional solo by Alexander Richardson, we return to the heartfelt music of the solo bandoneon, played by one of the best performers of all time.

8.  Escualo,  recorded and composed by Astor Piazzolla

In this flirtatious choreography by Alexander Richardson, two dancers meet and encounter each other on a park bench in Buenos Aires.

9. Para Dos,  recorded and composed by Osváldo Pugliese

In this classic Tango Scenario number danced to one of tango’s great composers, Osváldo Pugliese, Erin and Alexander show off their Argentine training and demonstrate what stage tango looks like in Argentina. (Tango danced wearing tango heels and shoes)

10. Wicked Game,  cover performed by James Vincent McMorrow

Off come the shoes as the dancers finish the show with mesmerizing lifts, circus acrobatics and a love story that brought them together in this passionate show made Para Dos,  For two!

* Mi Viejo Piazzola,  words by Horacio Ferrer

Mi viejo Piazzolla, mi mágico Ástor,

Tocá con las teclas de mi corazón.

Vivir fue tu más honda melodía

Y el júbilo de Dios al darte el genio.

Y vos te diste a muerte, con la angustia

De un toro fantaseando en el misterio.

La burla del mañana se ilumina

Zampándole diez lunas a tus dedos,

Y un ángel y un demonio en contrapunto

La zurda te gatillan de oro y fuego.


Mi viejo Piazzolla, oh, mágico Ástor,

Tocá con las teclas de mi corazón.


Con qué insolencia heroica nos salvaste

Del pozo de los sordos y los necios,

Inmortalmente joven, retobado

Tu testamento fue como otro estreno.

En un café irreal de cualquier mundo

Tu sombra viva sigue componiendo,

Y el alba desnudita de mil noches

Te escucha con su asombro de concierto.


Mi viejo Piazzolla, oh, mágico Ástor,

Tocá con las teclas de mi corazón.


Tu bruja Buenos Aires goza y dice:

“Te amo, Ástor, mi Mozart milonguero”,

Y allá, en las azoteas de tus tangos

Entorna tus dos manos con un beso.

Te haré una misa rea y una orgía

De música y de lágrimas por dentro,

Al ver tu ser sinfónico caído

Tocar el bandoneón, de pie, en los cielos.


Mi viejo Piazzolla, oh, mágico Ástor,

Tocá con las teclas de mi gran dolor.


Goggle Translation

My old Piazzolla, my magical Astor,
Play with the keys of my heart.
Living was your deepest melody
And the joy of God in giving you the genius.
And you gave yourself to death, with anguish
Of a bull fantasizing about the mystery.
The mockery of tomorrow is illuminated
Zampándole ten moons to your fingers,
And an angel and a demon in counterpoint
The left hand you trigger of gold and fire.
My old Piazzolla, oh, magical Astor,
Play with the keys of my heart.
With what heroic insolence did you save us
From the well of the deaf and the foolish,
Immortally young, retorted
Your testament was like another premiere.
In an unreal coffee of any world
Your living shadow continues to compose,
And the naked dawn of a thousand nights
He listens to you with his concert astonishment.
My old Piazzolla, oh, magical Astor,
Play with the keys of my heart.
Your witch Buenos Aires enjoys and says:
"I love you, Ástor, my Mozart milonguero",
And there, on the roofs of your tangos
Surround your two hands with a kiss.
I'll make you a real mass and an orgy
Music and tears inside,
Seeing your fallen symphonic being
Play the bandoneon, standing, in the heavens.
My old Piazzolla, oh, magical Astor,
Play with the keys of my great pain.
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